Friday, July 30, 2010

Chhetri Joining Indian National Team

Sunil Chhetri is leaving the Wizards to go join the Indian national team for their Asian Cup preparations in Portugal. Chhetri leaves the Wizards at least for the rest of this season, as he's been "loaned" out to the national team through next January's Asian Cup. While non official word has been stated on this, I think the assumption is that this "loan" will allow the Wizards to open up a roster spot. With Santiago Hirsig officially gone and Nikos Kounenakis taking that spot the Wizards still have a spot open for another player to come in. Chhetri leaves the Wizards with only 1 competitive appearance. A 45 minute appearance for the Wizards, starting in the US Open Cup qualifier against Colorado.

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Ben said...

6 months of national team?? That's insane!