Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not Good Enough

For the second home game in a row I find myself writing the day of the game, which I don't like to do, but once again the Wizards put on a horrible performance on the field and once again come away losers. This team has too much talent for what's happening on the field and some change needs to be made. At this point it has to be the coach. Vermes has to go, he doesn't have this team playing up to their potential. This team should not be sitting on 12 points right now after 14 games, there is too much talent on this roster for that, and for that I fault the coach. FIRE VERMES. I'd previously said that he should get the rest of the season, but at this point it's probably better to just cut your losses, bring in another coach and another technical director, and build towards the stadium opening next year.

On top of that, fire whoever's brilliant idea it was to bring in The Buried Life cast, or whoever the hell that was on the field streaking at half time. Way to make the team and security look like a bunch of idiots in the hopes that you'll be shown on TV. Considering outside the first streaker all the rest were dressed as security, you make your team look like idiots and that's how you're going to come off to the MTV crowd that will watch this stupid reality TV show. You insult you're fans and you're own staff by allowing this to happen, because from what I heard from other people after the game, they were invited to this game and it was coordinated. Of course you insult your fans enough with the crap product that is ending up on the field right now, so maybe the team is just trying to draw attention away from how poorly this team is playing. Maybe I'm acting older than my age and I should laugh at what happened on the field at halftime, but I found it disrespectful and stupid. I wanted to A) kick a ball right at their skull or B) beat the holy shit out of them. Either way that performance yet again WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

And can someone explain to me why I'm spending money next weekend to go to Colorado to watch this team play?


Reepicheep said...

Mike, your pain is felt. I'll be at the Colorado game also...we're idiots.

I am fatigued supporting this coach and team. Don't get me wrong, I'll remain a STH regardless of this season's result, I love soccer and am glad we have a team here...even if it's only to see the teams that come to play them.

Ongoal must act NOW. Vermes has had over 5 years. The product on the field is wholly his responsibility. He is not qualified to coach at a professional level. Period. He has had more than a chance. His time is up. Ongoal and the fans deserve better.

bstoeff said...

Its sad when those half time activities became the highlight of the night. Though I found it rather funny I would much rather talk about the 45 mins that happened before and after it.

I now will not feel bad for missing my first game of the season on the 31st.

Moop said...

You know, I spend a lot of time trying to get people interested in coming to Wizards' games. They don't know much about soccer, have misconceptions about the sport, and sometimes don't realize we have a professional team. I talk up the sport and the team as much as I can.

That being said, I really, really want to disagree with everything being said . . . . but I can't.

Vermes changes the lineup and formation every week, so there is no consistency game to game. On top of that, he's too afraid to replace four of our "big" players - but that is the only thing he hasn't tried. Our top paid players aren't producing. Wolff has one goal and seems uninterested in playing. Our defense gets scored on constantly because of freak gaffs and horrible miscommunication. Our captain, Arnaud, has missed three games because of red cards. That's 10% of the games. If I only showed for work 90% of the time, I would get fired.

Like Reepicheep, I'll keep showing up. I'll likely be a S.T.H. next year again too. I'm thinking I may stop wearing blue though and start coming in my Celtic colors instead.

We're customers, right? Can I get a refund for a sub-par product? Maybe I'm flying off the handle, I don't know. I'm just ticked off. Sorry to rant.

Jeremy said...

@ Moop:

You are a fan. When you know the roster, have season tickets/attend games regularly, visit blogs and discuss about the team, you are a fan. You are a customer when you watch Man U once a month on TV, never been to one of their game live and sport their jersey everywhere you go.

Anonymous said...

The elephant in the room is Jimmy Conrad. I haven't seen much conversation about him. He has been horrible for this entire season and he cost us the game last night. 2 incredibly terrible/stupid plays. That wasn't the first time this season. I've always liked him but he has lost 3 steps and clearly is no longer a competent MLS defender. Sad day...but the Wiz need to move on.

Vermes needs to be held accountable immediately for terrible game management and player evaluation.

Anonymous said...

I would like to officially announce that my beloved Kansas City Wizards are officially being placed on fandom-probation.
Effective immediately I shall withhold all compliments regarding the team or its ownership, refrain from any optimistic thoughts regarding results or transfers, cease all fandom apart from attending home games and watching away games, desist from wearing any KCW paraphernalia (unless attending a home game), abstain from all negative comments about other MLS teams, and forgo any conversations or thoughts regarding the Wizards chances of winning another game until any 2 of the following events occur:
(1) Peter Vermes is fired from his post as both head coach and technical director
(2) Sunil Chhetri receives playing time in an MLS match
(3) The Wizards win 3 games in a row
(4) Davy Arnaud is stripped of the captaincy and/or earns the title of Captain through on the field performances
(5) The wizards sign a Mexican Designated Player
(6) Josh Wolff is sold
(7) Josh Wolff is traded
(8) Josh Wolff is left outside for too long and he melts

In the event that I am witness to Josh Wolff partaking in an MLS match whilst playing for the Kansas CIty Wizards, fandom-probation will be re-instated regardless of how many requirements have previously been met, unless physical or video evidence can be provided which proves beyond reasonable doubt that Josh Wolff contributed to a positive outcome on a minimum of 5 plays in said match.

I shall continue to use the internet to monitor the off-field goings on of the team, but only so that I may be aware of whether or not fandom-probation can be lifted. (If Josh Wolff's lack of apparent desire to play the sport for which he is paid were to cause him to wander off the field in pursuit of another paycheck for doing nothing, never to be seen again, I would want to be the first to know.)

If fandom-probation cannot be lifted by the opening of the new Wizards Stadium, more serious restrictions on my fandom and support of my beloved Kansas City Wizards will be imposed.

Unknown said...

I can't disagree with the comments about the team, but I don't share your vitriol about the pitch invaders. Honestly, this sort of thing isn't something you can do more than once, but it has given the team buzz when too few people are paying attention. It gets people talking about the game, which reminds people that this team exists. Even if it was staged, stuff like that doesn't happen in KC very often.

On to the team, I agree with the comments that Vermes is just unwilling to make critical changes. Wolff was never the kind of player to be alone up top in a 4-3-3. He is the antithesis of a target forward. He doesn't have the speed for the wing. He should sit.

...and yes, Jimmy just isn't there anymore. I've been saying this since the beginning of the season. Time to slot in one of our very capable young defenders and move on.

Moop said...

To quote Anonymous (#2)
"(6) Josh Wolff is sold
(7) Josh Wolff is traded
(8) Josh Wolff is left outside for too long and he melts"

Is it wrong I think that is hilarious? I think Anonymous (#2) read my mind because I agree with almost everything they said, and in fact, have said a lot of that same stuff to friends of mine.

I feel bad when I realize that we nonchalantly talk of trading or waiving these guys, considering that means they would lose their job and be forced to uproot their families. Then I remember: they made a choice to represent a team and a community when they decided to play professional soccer. It comes with the territory. They get paid to play ball, and some get paid quite well. That being the case, I think most of us have been pretty lenient up until now. We should expect more.

Anonymous said...

up until last night, Conrad had been our most consistent central defender (not counting Shavar as he's only played 2 games). Holbein, Besler, and Escobar had all been having howlers while Conrad had been fairly consistent, but he's definitely lost a step.

Anonymous said...

If the Wizards have any connection to the stunt at half time, it was very Minor League. This is a major league sporting event with klds present, not a frat party. What is next Dane Cook doing stand up during half time.

Reepicheep said...

LOL- I needed that Anonymous #2. That was clever...accurate..but clever.

bstoeff said...

Conrad is just flat out unhappy with PV I believe when PV is finally fired we will see the Jimmy Conrad we all know and love. Also we as fans had to go through the growing pains of Besler last year I feel like when he has played he has played well this season maybe I am wrong but i feel that Jimmy and Matt worked well early and throwing Escobar in there just messed things up.