Friday, July 09, 2010

Is this a Must Win Yet?

It's surprising that with the Wizards current play that they aren't the worst team in MLS right now, but tomorrow the Wizards will take on a team that actually has less points than them right now, in Chivas USA. Chivas currently sits on 11 points at the foot of the Western Conference. They have gone 8 games in league play without a win, and had been on a 7 game losing streak in league play until they drew with Philadelphia last week. But if you take their play outside MLS play, the team is currently on a 3 game undefeated streak. Sandwiched around the 1-1 draw with Philly were two US Open Cup wins over Austin and Houston. For some more good news, this will be Chivas' 5th game in 15 days since MLS restarted after the World Cup break.

Unfortunately over the past few years when the Wizards have played games like this against team's that are banged up, on long road trips, or at the end of a heavy stretch of schedule, they haven't exactly played very well. After the poor performance in the first half, I think staying away from the 4-4-2 for the time being is probably a good thing, the return of Davy Arnaud should at least help offensively. Defensively, Stephane Auvray getting more time to get some match fitness back should help the Wizards out as well. Hopefully Auvray can take advantage of the smaller field and shut down Chivas in the middle of the field.

Harrington - Conrad - Thomas - Espinoza
Arnaud - Auvray - Rocastle
Kamara - Wolff - Smith

Key Match Up - Michael Harrington vs Jonathan Bornstein - Bornstein is going to get up the left wing regularly, and Harrington is going to have to keep an eye on Chivas' left back. It will be interesting to see how Harrington stacks up against the World Cup vet.

PREDICTION - This is virtually a must win. Lose here and the team falls deeper into the hole in it's attempts to make the playoffs. It's shocking that while KC only has 13 points, they're still in 5th place currently in the East. Getting all 3 points here, while not a huge statement, would at least help KC to climb closer to the competition in the Eastern conference.

KC - 1 (Kamara)
Chivas - 0

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cheezwiz said...

We're beyond must win. It's a shame to see a great new stadium with this being the product that will inhabit it.