Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick News

Some news from the past few days to touch on.

Sal Zizzo to Chivas USA. KC had the second best chance of landing the former U-20 stand out in today's lottery, but he's headed to the West Coast to play at the Home Depot Center.

Nikos Kounenakis official. Yesterday the team officially announced the signing of Greek defender, Nikos Kounenakis. The team is still waiting on the P1 Visa and ITC, once those are in the Wizards will have to make roster space.

Wizards make $20 tickets available for United game. The Wizards have made more tickets available for Sunday's game against Manchester United at Arrowhead. These tickets are on the second deck, probably in what you'd consider nose bleed seats.

Speaking of the United game, last weekend against Colorado, Robb Heineman said on the broadcast that the Wizards Indian forward, Sunil Chhetri, will get some playing time. That news has been fully confirmed by the team, so our friends in Indian can celebrate that. They can also celebrate because the game will be broadcasted on MUFC Online for a subscription fee.


Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise...a name player goes to an LA team. Typical MLS.

Mike said...

He's only the second lottery player to go to an LA team. The other was Israel Sesay.

Here are all the lottery players and the winners.

2000-Mario Longo, CLB
2001-Gus Kartes, COL
2001-Hamisi Amani-Dove, DAL
2002-Nelson Akwari, NY
2002-D.J. Countess, NY
2002-Winston Griffiths, DAL
2003-Joey DiGiamarino, NY
2004-Danny Szetela, CLB
2005-Alex Yi, DAL
2006-David Arvizu, NY
2007-Robbie Rogers, CLB
2007-Israel Sesay, LA
2008-Bruno Guarda, COL
2009-Paulo Campos, SJ
2009-Kyle Davies, RSL
2010-Luis Gil, KC
2010-Sal Zizzo, CUSA

Anonymous said...

surprise, surprise, someone has an uninformed bias ...

jtreg said...

I'll say there is MLS bias when it comes to NY and LA (not ChivasUSA), obviously not in this particular case, but it's there. But it's no different than the coastal + Texas media bias we see in any sport.