Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hirsig Out of KC

Reports out of Argentina today indicate that Wizards midfielder, Santiago Hirsig is out with the Wizards. According to Quilmes Presente, Hirsig has signed on to play with Quilmes Atletico Club. Quilmes was promoted this past season to the Argentine Primera Division. Hirsig's move gives the Wizards the roster spot they needed to create with the signing of Nikos Kounenakis.

Hirsig made 27 appearances for the Wizards over the course of his time in KC, 25 of them starts for 2,155 minutes. He scored his one goal in KC's 3-2 loss last year to Seattle. He was impressive in his first few appearances showing a calming influence on the ball and a nice passing ability. In all competitions, Hirsig made 4 more starts and finished with 2,510 minutes played. This season, though, Hirsig had only made 1 45 minute appearance starting in KC's 2-1 loss to DC where he was pulled at half time.

Hirsig apparently won't be the only move, as Thad from The Back Post mentioned that confirmation of another move is coming soon as well.

Good luck Santi.


Ty said...

this is fine, he was not nearly as effective as auvray... good touch and technique, but not good as a spoiler midfeiler.. the problem with this team has been the same since, Preki left, and since Chris Kliein left and declined after the 2004 cup run... No FUCKIN #10... you get a #10... like Morales, you can compete for the championshipm the top teams in the league all have a #10, Schelloto, De Rosario, Lindpere, and Donovan is a great MLS #10 not as much a 10 at the international level...

Ty said...

Now people say the problem is goal scoring, i dont think so,with the amount of strikers the wizards have gone through the past three years, Sealy, Cristman, Moysissian, etc... the striker now... Kamra, Smith, Zoltan, Arnaud, and Bravo can all score,WOlff salray needs to be dropped or him traded, but striker is not the problem... this team needs a #10... thats been the problem for half a decade, and since the WIzards scouts are imcompetent and wont transfer but only signs frees im going to name the best free bosman 10s... these are all free agents, remind you

Anonymous said...

umm..... MLS is the ones that don't pay transfer fees. They will rarely if ever pay transfer fees for players./

Ty said...

GeoVanni- Hull City
Saïd Boutahar-willem II
Simon Barone- Calgari
RObert Pires- wouldnt come to kc but would be ideal
Davide Chiumiento-FC Luzarn
Jofre González Mateu-rayo velcano-
Gérard López Segú- Girona
Im not gonna say the spanish second division is a great divisiom to look for player or any league in spain but it is. THe best two teams in the world or madrid and Barca, Spain won the world cup and is the best team in the world, and javier morales was from there. the last two players would be expensive but have incredible skill, if you want to got eh mexican route, Zinha,Castro, Medina, or Pineda all would be great #10s but would be dps and expensive. you get a #10 you can compete for the championship you dont, you dont make the playoffs

ty said...

yeah i know mls doesnt pay transfer fees, thats why all the guys I listed our free agents...