Saturday, August 08, 2009

July Player of the Month

I forgot to write this write up last week, and after last week's result in Dallas to begin August, any choice now is going to look a little hollow when made.

Overall, July was not a good month for the Wizards. They went 0-2-2 in all competitions, bowing out of the US Open Cup to Seattle, and losing 1-0 to Houston. KC pulled out a point in New England and ended up with a draw against LA at home. It was a tough month in regards to the fact that KC spent the entire month without Jimmy Conrad and Davy Arnaud due to their play with the US in the Gold Cup. KC was also without Roger Espinoza for most of the month as well.

With only 1 goal scored in the entire month, it's definitely not an offensive player winning the award. In the end my decision came down to two players.

Kevin Hartman recorded 1 shutout in the month of July and only conceded 3 goals. Unfortunately the lack of offense left Hartman without a win in the month, but he did what he could to keep the Wizards in games and give them the chance to win it. He can't do everything for the team.

The other candidate was a bit of a surprise when I sat down and thought about it, as it's Rauwshan McKenzie. McKenzie stepped in for Conrad when he was gone with the US team and performed very well for KC during that time. Up until the Dallas game in August, the Wizards offense had been the major problem, the defense had been playing well to keep KC in the games.

The winner of July's Player of the Month....

Rauwshan McKenzie. I was surprised when I made this choice, but McKenzie had himself a very good July with his performance filling in for Wizards' captain Jimmy Conrad during the month.


Reepicheep said...

Seriously Mike? Wow. I rarely can find fault with your perspective on stuff but I'm out on this one.

Maybe it was McKenzies absolutely HORRIBLE Dallas game that haunts me. The LA game was good for him, but otherwise he looked pretty poor to me.

I thought Espinoza was better..oh wait...he was gone for most of July right? That's why I'm thinking well of Roger.

J said...

I would actually agree. McKenzie seemed to misjudge the cross that led to the solitary goal in our July 4th loss to Houston, and at that point, I expected our July to be just terrible with him in place of Conrad. But he picked his head up and played very well for the rest of that game and for the rest of the games that I saw in July. I did not see the 6-0 debacle in Texas, but hey, that was in August.

J said...

I should clarify -- I meant to say I agree with Mike's selection. McKenzie started off shaky and faced a big task of filling in for Jimmy, but his overall play was solid throughout the month. And after those first few minutes of the July 4th game, I generally felt confident watching him lead out defense.

dan said...

Agree J, after the goal by Houston I was really worried, hell before that goal I was worried when I saw Conrad was going to the Gold Cup, cause I knew Onalfo wouldn't move Besler to center back cause that would require putting Harrington back at his best position and potentially showing up Besler. But McKenzie stepped up and filled in well throughout the month.

Reepicheep, you are letting the Dallas game cloud your thoughts (then again I wouldn't expect less considering your continued comments on Espinoza). Course it doesn't help that July sucked as well.

MOUFWASH said...

He still isnt ready to be a first team player.

Why not go with Hohlbein? The backline is a team and he was fanning on crosses and whiffing kicks.

Reepicheep- Espinoza has more upside than basically every other young player on the roster. Hes had some mind numbing games, I will give you that, maybe im crazy, but I see a lot of potential in him. Though I saw it much more watching Honduras

MOUFWASH said...

correction, Hohlbein WASNT fanning crosses etc..