Sunday, August 02, 2009

Embarrassed, Pissed Off, and Frustrated

I've personally never felt as bad about a Wizards game as I did after last night's 6-0 drubbing at the hands of FC Dallas. I mean I'm more embarrassed about this game than I was at the time of the Chicago 7-0 debacle back in 2001. That's because for this game I'd spent hours in the car, and more money traveling down to Dallas for this game than for the game at Arrowhead against the Fire. It's hard to put into words how frustrated I was walking out of Pizza Hut Park last night.

The game was slow to start with neither side getting a great start to the game. After 30 minutes, though, Dallas started to dominate the game. Brek Shea started to get plenty of space on the Wizards right side, as did Atiba Harris. Jeff Cunningham took advantage of one of those chances in the 39th giving Dallas the lead. Less than 3 minutes later, Dallas doubled the lead through David Ferreira, again after Jack Jewsbury got beat down the right side. Half time saw Coach Onalfo make 1 change bringing on Lance Watson to replace Herculez Gomez and pushing Jewsbury into the midfield.

KC came out in the second half and almost pulled level as Davy Arnaud hit a shot from outside the box that Dario Sala did well to save. It was KC's best chance of the game, and their only shot on goal all game. Just past the hour mark Rauwshan McKenzie was called for a penalty for bringing down Cunningham in the box on what was a bit of an iffy call. Things didn't get any better for the Wizards when 2 minutes after Cunningham made it 3-0, Claudio Lopez was sent off for a tackle on Dax McCarty. Another harsh call, but a stupid foul by Lopez as well.

Cunningham finished off his hattrick in the 75th minute making it 4-0. And it became 5 only 3 minutes later with Ferreira scoring a second goal. Then, in the 89th minute, Cunningham got his 4th goal.

The team just quit last night, they were completely out matched by a team at the bottom of the Western Conference. This match has to fall on everyone with the team, the players, coaches, and Peter Vermes. Onalfo has to take a lot of the blame for it and his coaching seat has to be very hot now. If he's lost the locker room, and the players have quit on him (they at least quit on the game last night), then Onalfo needs to go immediately. Other wise, he gets at least until the end of the year to prove he should come back. Either way, the "CO Must Go" crowd is getting louder and growing in number with each passing day.

By the time the team takes the field against Chicago in 2 weeks, it will have been 2 months since the team's last win.

Wizards Man of the Match - NONE - I honestly can't name a man of the match for last night's game because nobody honestly deserved it, zero goals by the offense, six allowed by the defense, and a midfield that was over run.

Player Ratings - Hartman 4, Jewsbury 3, Hohlbein 3, McKenzie 2, Besler 3, Gomez 3, Hirsig 2, Arnaud 4, Lopez 2, Wolff 2, Cristman 2. Subs Watson 3, Harrington 3, Thompson 3.


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Reepicheep said...

You have captured the sentiments of many in the Wizards nation Mike.

Given the solid play of the team at the end of last season and some of the flashes of greatness in a few of the early games this season, I think the team has a decent core that could potentially be a winner. They're 2-3 players off of being in the upper third of teams, but not too far, in my opinion.

So, what can be said now, about this recent stretch and especially the painful FC performance?

Very simply, it's time for Onalfo to go. Now.

I can't see how another conclusion could be reached. The problem is poor strategy and terrible motivation. It's a coaching problem.

MOUFWASH said...

Even at Bob Bradleys lowest points he still had some media and fans on his side. I have yet to see one for CO, and honestly cant think of a SINGLE thing to give him credit for this season.

Safe to say the supports are all on the "CO must go" wagon.