Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Vermes Officially Interim Coach

For those that missed it earlier today, Peter Vermes was officially named the Wizards interim coach for the rest of this season. Also in the announcement, Wizards color commentator, Zoran Savic, was named an assistant coach. Vermes will be in charge for the rest of the season as KC looks to find a permanent head coach. Savic is back in coaching after being a color commentator for the Wizards the past few years. Before that he was an assistant under Preki at Chivas USA. He's best known to people in Kansas City as the former head coach of the Kansas City Attack/Comets.

To listen to the full press conference, check out Thad's post over at The Back Post. Only one of the local stations did not send their television crew to follow the press conference today. You can get a bit of insight into what Vermes is going to be doing as a coach for the rest of the season.
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Also after the press conference, Thad got interviews with Vermes, Wizards captain, Jimmy Conrad, and vice captain, Josh Wolff about the new hiring, the firing of Onalfo, and their general thoughts, it's another good interview.

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