Monday, August 03, 2009

Vermes to be Interim Coach?

Randy Covitiz at the Star is reporting that Wizards technical director, Peter Vermes is to be named the team's interim coach tomorrow morning at a press conference. Whether that happens or not, it's a bit of a shocking move that he's being named coach. Although he was one of the people considered for both the coaching openings in Seattle and Philadelphia, it's surprising. It will be interesting to see what comes of Vermes as a head coach, if it's like he was as a player, it's going to be intense from now on. (EDIT: The Star article has now been edited taking out the part about Vermes being named the interim coach.)

As for who will eventually take over the position, Ives Galarcep makes an interesting point tonight, although he doesn't completely realize it. That being former Metrostars coach, Octavio Zambrano. Zambrano has recently been coaching in Hungary, a place that Vermes has visited to check out players. Zambrano knows MLS and how it works, which is almost a prerequisite to coach in MLS today. If you don't know the rules you won't last long, so Zambrano could definitely be on the Wizards short list.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to be a total fanboy here, but I'd love to see Preki return to KC as head coach. I've been impressed with his Chivas teams.

MOUFWASH said...

I will also support the "fan boy" choice, though its not like hes just a club favorite, he seems to know how to run a team. I think they way he has Chivas playing is a good approach in the MLS.

Anonymous said...

Preki, great thought!

Though I doubt he will be available, unless the chivas front office is that stupid.

Anonymous said...

Preki would be ideal...but, yes, wishfull thinking. Any other ideas though, I got none. Cause what coach can really operate within this crazy, constrictive system MLS has in place?