Monday, August 17, 2009

Donate Your Unused Season Tickets

This idea has been making the rounds on Bigsoccer the past few days and it's something that I think is a fantastic idea. I am personally getting behind it and would love to see this made into a big event, not just for this year, but potentially for years in the future. Here is the gist of the idea. Please get involved with this, as I think it'd be a great thing to do to expose kids to the beautiful game, and give the team some good PR.

Attention Wizards Season Ticket Holders

One of the perks of holding a Wizards season ticket is ability to trade tickets for games you have missed so you can bring friends and family along to other games. There are only a few games left to be played by the Kansas City Wizards this season and if it looks unlikely that you will be able to use these tickets please consider donating them back to the team to be put towards worthy cause by mailing them to:

KC Wizards
c/o Sam Pierron
Ref: Ticket Donations
8900 State Line Rd, Ste 300
Leawood, KS

The tickets, once gathered will be used to send a group or groups of kids that could use a day out to Community America Ballpark for the penultimate regular season game on October 17th as the Wizards host Major League Soccer's newest team: the Seattle Sounders. No group has been assigned to receive these tickets at this time however if you wish to receive updates please drop an email to and you will be added to a mailing list.

Tickets must be received by October 10th 2009 at the absolute latest. If you have any questions please send email to Please pass this onto anybody you know who may be able to contribute or spread the word any way you can.

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Unknown said...

I do not know how I feel about this old/new concept. If I give my unused tickets to, let's just say one of my son's teammates, I know these tickets are being used to grow the sport. If I give it to Sam with the Wizards front office, who's to say they do not give my tickets to Suduco (sp) (Argies).

Why would the Wizards want to donate my tickets to a group of youth, or a mom or dad when they could sell that same group, tickets at a much reduced rate?

May I suggest that the Wizards set up a way of showing these donations and their distribution to different organization either through a web site or monthly news letter.

Or here's the best idea yet. Why don't you exchange your unused tickets for a set date and donate those ticket to Operation Breakthrough, or one of the Wizards non profit charities on your own and gain the personal satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in someone's life.