Thursday, August 06, 2009

New From MLSnet

Some Wizards news tonight from MLSnet. Firstly, if there were questions that you have ever wanted to ask anything to Wizards technical director/interim head coach, Peter Vermes, you have your chance. The Wizards are doing a fan chat next week with Vermes and are asking for fans to submit questions to be asked to Vermes. I know I'll be submitting a few questions to Vermes.

The other news, is an encouraging article for all Wizards fans after last week's 6-0 demolition by FC Dallas, and that's the return of Jimmy Conrad. Conrad talks about the moments after the concussion and not being able to remember much of the time after that. Hopefully we'll see Conrad back on the 16th. He seems to be targeting that as his return date. Let's hope so as the defense looked really poor against Dallas.

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