Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wizards vs Atlas SuperLiga PBP

3:29pm - Anthems just finished up. Crowd is predominately Atlas fans and casual spectators right now, although the traveling Cauldron is probably on their way now with the US game over.

3:33pm - We're ready to go. Cauldron just showed up.

3:35pm - and we're off, Atlas kick off.

1st - Wizards win a throw and control in their own end.

2nd - Long ball over the top to Wolff earns a deep throw. Leads to a cross which the Atlas keeper takes.

3rd - Wolff fouled in Atlas end, Lopez to take free kick, Conrad and Holbein up. Lopez goes short and then runs down line, shot is right at keeper.

4th - Atlas attacking down the right, but on the attack, Conrad is fouled.

5th - Through ball springs Atlas player, but Hohlbein catches up with him, and knocks ball out for throw.

7th - Wizards controlling the ball around midfield

8th - Long cross field ball controlled by Besler and the Wizards partially clear.

9th - Wizards give the ball away on a deep throw. No sell out today. Doesn't look like there's an Eads Brigade presence either today.

10th - Another offside call against Atlas.

11th - Lots of play around the midfield area for both teams right now.

12th - Hirsig with a foul in front of the Wizards bench, doesn't endear himself to the Atlas fans.

13th - Watson plays in Gomez who gets a sliding shot, but right at the Atlas keeper.

14th - Atlas defender down, looks like he caught an elbow or something from Wolff when he was holding the defender off.

16th - Wizards shot goes just over the bar.

17th Atlas attacking down the Wizards right, but goes out for a throw.

18th - Wizards give ball away in defensive half, but a good tackle by Hirsig to get the ball away.

19th - Atlas over the bar. Attack down the right with a cross back into the middle and a volley skims the bar.

21st - Wizards controlling in Atlas end, ball is played to Gomez whose shot goes just wide of the post.

23rd - Atlas ball through intercepted by Hirsig and goes to Conrad.

24th - Cross field ball goes over the head of Hirsig, cross is played into the middle and headed wide of Hartman's goal.

25th - Throw in deep for KC, Hirsig shot is deflected out for a corner.

25th - Lopez corner right at keeper.

26th - Atlas counter, but cross into the box is dealt with by Watson and Besler clears.

26th - Atlas through ball, but player over runs on his attempted cutback and Hirsig clears.

28th - Gomez makes a run down left, but the ball is too long. Gomez looking for a foul but won't get one.

29th - Lopez and Arnaud try and give and go, but Arnaud is knocked down.

29th - the free kick leads to a shot by Jewsbury, but it's a daisy cutter and easily claimed by the keeper.

30th - Atlas fouled about 20 yards from goal by Besler.

30th - Great free kick to Hartman's far post, even better save by Hartman as he gets a finger tip to it and puts it around the post.

31st - Gomez clears the corner.

32nd - Water break called, short break.

33rd - still in water break, Atlas fans get their loudest when the camera is on them, otherwise they are fairly quiet.

35th - Back on, cross by Atlas player is whiffed on the first attempt, but the secondary runner is fouled by Gomez. Free kick from another dangerous spot.

36th - free kick into the wall and eventually cleared.

36th - Atlas trying to play plenty of cross field balls to the opposite wing with the Wizards sucking in. Gomez is down, looks done.

37th - Looks like a knee issue for Gomez, Espinoza getting ready to come on.

38th - Foul by Jewsbury, Atlas player takes offense, gets up, and shoves Jewsbury, yellows to both him and Ayala.

38th - Espinoza enters for Gomez.

40th - Things continue to get chippy as another foul by KC is waved advantage.

41st - Another yellow, this one for Hohlbein, likely for the earlier foul where advantage was played.

42nd - After the yellow, Atlas coach, Ricardo La Volpe was given his walking orders.

43rd - Long cross that is just a little too long for Lopez goes out for a goal kick.

44th - Wolff shielded off the ball and is called for the foul as he tries to get there.

45th - Jewsbury cross into the box, Wolff can't quite get to it.

45th - Espinoza runs onto a ball beats the keeper to it, but his ball that he played back doesn't reach anyone. 4 minutes added time.

45th - Wolff gets by a few players and into the box, is taken down, no call, keeper plays ball out.

45th - Conrad whiffs on an easy cross, but Hohlbein clears up.

45th - Watson long shot blocked, Hirsig shoots the rebound, also blocked.

45th - Jewsbury runs onto a ball, plays it back, but again a Wizards player can't get there in time.

HALFTIME - The Wizards started to come alive late in the half, Atlas is doing most of their attack on the wing. Be back in a few.

Halftime - The referees and players are making their way back out. I also take back my comment about no Eads Brigade people. I ran into a few during halftime. Still no where near what I would hope/expect here for the game today.

46th - no changes, Wizards kick off, second half is on.

47th - Good charging run by Watson up the right, fouled from behind, free kick for KC about 35 out.

47th Don't know what Lopez was doing but the free kick was poor.

48th- Watson cross is too long and goes out for a throw on the far side.

49th - Espinoza pulls back on the Atlas player right after he crossed the midfield line, free kick for Atlas.

51st - Through ball for Atlas, but the attacker is offside.

52nd - Lopez cross to Arnaud who chests down. Jewsbury runs on and his shot is just over the bar.

54th - Hartman claims a weak cross, but Espinoza loses the throw and Atlas is on the attack again.

56th - Partially cleared corner leads to a shot by Atlas, but the shot is wide of Hartman's post.

58th - Atlas fnas getting a little louder chanting and trying to start a waive. Meanwhile on the field Jewsbury crosses too far and out for a goalkick.

59th - Good play down the left by the Wizards, Espinoza finds Lopez, but his cross curls out. Yellow to Ricardo Jimenez for Atlas.

60th - Lopez collects 30 from goal, but his shot is blocked.

61st - Besler makes a run forward, plays a 1-2 with Wolff, but fouls the Atlas defender. It loooks like Harrington is going to be coming on.

62nd - Wolff in a 1v1 with an Atlas defender, but Wolff commits the foul.

62nd - Atlas earn a corner after getting the ball deep to KC's end.

63rd - Corner is partially cleared, and on the ball back in, Besler is fouled. Harrington is coming on for Arnaud.

64th - With the sub, Jewsbury pushes central and Harrington goes out on the right.

65th - The game has slowed a bit with the heat on the field.

66th - 1-2 with Espinoza and Harrington, but Harrington is shielded off the ball.

66th - Espinoza with a shot from long range, over the bar.

67th - Carlos gutierrez getting ready to come on. Atlas attacks down the wing again, but the cross is too far in front of the on racing Atlas forward.

67th - Harrington comes back down the right but his cross goes to no one.

68th - The Atlas player that stretched for the ball is now down behind the Wizards goal getting treatment.

68th - The injured Atlas player, Darvin Chavez is subbed out for Gutierrez.

68th - Wolff is called off after Espinoza plays the ball back for Lopez and Lopez tries to pick out Wolff.

70th - Again from long range by Espinoza, again no where really close.

71st - Harrington does a good job of beating his defender, but his through ball is deflected.

72nd - Wizards win a very deep throw on the far side.

72nd - Wolff gets through the defense puts a shot on goal, but it's not very strong and easily saved.

73rd - Saul Villalobos is coming on for Gerardo Espinoza for Atlas.

74th - Long shot from Atlas goes through for a goal kick, but a player is called offside.

76th - Wizards sub Thompson on for Besler. On the play before that, an Atlas player was called offside after a play down the Wizards right. And the referee calls a water break.

77th - Conrad getting his hamstring worked on during the water break.

79th - Lopez works down the left, but his low cross is right at the keeper, easily claimed.

81st - Thompson fouls Gutierrez right in front of the stands.

81st - Espinoza plays in Thompson with a great ball, with two defenders on him and the goalkeeper charging, Thompson puts it just wide.

82nd - Atlas counter, and ends with a shot that goes just wide. On the play Hirsig gets a yellow.

83rd - Long ball for KC but Lopez can't catch up with it, Lopez crosses, but curls out for a goalkick.

84th - Atlas attacking down the Wizards right, earn a corner.

84th - Conrad partially clears, shot comes back in, Hartman punches away, shot again, deflected for another corner

85th - Conrad again clears partially, but KC can't clear their end.

86th - Another Atlas shot, deflected for another corner. KC can't clear their end.

86th - This time Atlas connect on the corner, but it's wide.

87th - Jewsbury fouled around the elbow of the box. Lopez will take, big bodies are up.

88th - Lopez free kick to the far post, but claimed by the keeper.

89th - Espinoza with another long shot, the keeper dives, but it's wide of his post and goes out for a goalkick.

90th - Wolff tried to chest a cross into the path of Thompson, but it's cut out. Leathers is getting ready to come on. 5 minutes stoppage time.

90th - Lopez coming out for Leathers.

90th - KC comes downthe left, Wolff cross but can't find a KC player. KC comes again and earns a corner.

90th - Corner is cleared and Conrad is called for a foul as he tries to get to the ball that's played back in.

90th - Thompson fouled down on the right. Jewsbury to take the free kick.

90th - Punched clear. And Espinoza is red carded for stamping down on a player that slide to get to the balled.

90th - And after acting like he'd been shot, the player is coming back on...

FULL TIME - That's it, final is 0-0, the heat definitely kept the level of play down. KC had a few minor chances, same with Atlas, but nothing major.

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