Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Atlas Bringing Young Team to SuperLiga

Sunday in St. Louis, the Wizards open SuperLiga play against Mexican side and sister club, Atlas. Those expecting to see some of "Los Rojinegros" first team players, may be in for a bit of disappointment. According to Atlas' manager, Ricardo Lavolpe, Atlas will be sending younger players that are looking to break through this season with the Atlas first team. The Atlas first team will remain in Guadalajara to prepare for the upcoming Mexican league season.

Definitely disappointing news for the integrity of the tournament, because even though I'm sure that Atlas' young team they are bringing will play well, there's a certain expectation to be able to see how the Wizards and MLS will do against the first team.


minnichmj said...

So now my question is, will it be worth it to the Wizards to play their first team and go for full points or will they play reserves against Atlas youth?

Anonymous said...

I say put out a mix of starters and bench players and take it to them.