Thursday, June 11, 2009

Players Coming In?

The Wizards have gone 3 games without a win, and some fans have started to get a little frustrated with the results. Many fans are calling for some changes to be made to the team, whether it be as minor as lineup changes, or bringing in new players. Well, it looks like the Wizards could be on track to bring in some new players. The first bit of news is that the Wizards are bringing in a new player to train and play with the Wizards reserves. The player, is Kalev Saarna, a freshman at Park University. Saarna had previously tried out for the Wizards before going to Park. He played 11 games for Park this past season.

The other information comes from the All-Access articles that the KC Star has been doing this week. In today's article, Ryan Young with the Star spent the day following technical director Peter Vermes. Over the course of the day, we find that Vermes is busy listening to deals from around the league with none really striking his interest. We also hear that he has plenty of videos of players in foreign leagues that Vermes may be interested in. Two of the players mentioned in the article, are a Spanish mid-level player, and a player from Hungary that Vermes saw last year on his trip to Eastern Europe. Whether these two will come to anything is unknown, but it appears that Vermes wants to bring them in on a trail to at least see how they could do. So there could be some roster shakeups coming.

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