Sunday, June 07, 2009

Reserves Beat Brass Again

The Swope Park Rangers won again today, defeating the KC Brass 6-0 today. The lineup today was made up of all the players that didn't start yesterday against the Crew along with a few guest players. Here's the way the Rangers lined up to start the game:
Leathers - Josh White - McKenzie - Marquess
Harrington - Zusi - Souter
Thompson - Kraus

Both teams started off the game fairly even, with the game going back and forth. The best early chance fell to the Brass when they ended up hitting the post on one trip down the field. The Rangers also hit the post, as Abe Thompson tried to curl the ball into the far post, but it hit the cross bar and bounced out. The reserves finally broke through with Matt Marquess. Marquess worked the ball down the left, and played a ball into Michael Kraus. Kraus played the ball back to Marquess as he ran across the top of the box. Marquess' shot went into the far post to give the Rangers the lead. Marquess was involved in doubling the lead soon after. Marquess received the ball out wide on the left and played a ball into the box, where Kevin Souter ran onto the ball, beatting the keeper to the ball and making it 2-0. Right before halftime, Thompson got in alone in the box with the keeper. As Thompson tried to round the Brass keeper, Thompson was brought down, leading to a penalty kick. Thompson stepped up and put the PK away making it 3-0 at the half.

The second half saw the Rangers continue to dominate the game, but it took a little while into the second half before they added a fourth goal. The fourth goal came after a bit of a scramble in front of net. The ball was finally put away by Kraus. Marquess continued his good game by adding a second goal, and a 5th for the Rangers with a strike from about 30 yards after a partial clearance. Kurt Morsink finished off the scoring for the reserves with another strike from distance that he hit in off the post.

While the score doesn't show it, it was the best of the three performances I've seen the Brass play against the Rangers this season.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the rangers know how to create opportunities for themselves. With the Super Liga and the Open Cup coming up, maybe several rangers will get some more oppotunities to create.

Reepicheep said...

How is Morsink looking?

Roger said...

Way too many "sacred cows" in the First Team. After a pathetic display last Saturday it would be nice to see Onalfo shake up the lineup. Arnaud was horrible and Gomez cannot look up before sending in a cross.
Just because they are fan favorites shouldn't mean that they just get penciled in for every game. Last year a player screwed up he was on the bench; this year no matter how bad they play they are still out there for the next game. They might be better "on paper" but there is no incentive to show it on the field since they "can't lose their spot".
I was there yesterday and caught some of what the coach said about the effort Saturday, but I bet he'll play they same lineup on Saturday (I'll give him one change since we lost).

Mike said...

He's not looking bad, but he's not looking good enough to get much first team time. His problem is that he's not as versatile as other players on the bench, he's really only a d-mid and with 2 players already on the field that can play that position it's going to be hard for Morsink to get any first team minutes.

Anonymous said...

Kraus creates for himself and others. Lopez and Wolff would look magnificent with a "one-touch" passer near them around the box.