Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Down the Byline Player of Month

May is behind us, and it's time to select this month's player of the month. In the month of May, the Wizards went 1-1-3, winning at Salt Lake, while losing at Columbus. The Wizards drew with DC and Chivas at home and tied LA on the road.

This month there were only two players I'd really thought about for the award.

Josh Wolff - Scored 4 goals in the month of May, he missed the LA game due to a red card picked up against Chivas.

Kevin Hartman - 18 saves and 1 shutout in the month of May. Hartman kept the Wizards in multiple games in May.

And this month's winner is....

photo courtesy of Thad Bell.

Josh Wolff. Really it wasn't even really much of a contest. Wolff's 4 goals in May were huge for KC, and the form he's shown as been very important to the Wizards. The lack of punch the Wizards showed without Wolff in LA was even more proof that he was the best this past month.

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