Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday After Stats

Aaron Hohlbein's goal last night, was the Wizards 699th in all competitions, the Wizards next goal will be their 700th in all competitions.

Davy Arnaud's goal was his 37th in league play for the Wizards, breaking a tie with Josh Wolff for third place on that list. He's 2 goals behind Chris Klein for second.

Josh Wolff's 104th appearance for the Wizards in league playing, breaking a tie with Digital Takawira for 18th place on that list.

Also Wolff's 97th start for the Wizards in league play, tying him wtih Sasha Victorine for 15th on that list.

Wolff's 106th start in all competitions for KC, breaking the tie with Bo Oshoniyi for 15th on the all time starts list.

In the 73rd minute, Wolff passed Chris Brown to move into 16th place on the list of most minutes played in all competitions for the Wizards. He finished the game with 9,474 minutes played.

10 minutes later, in the 83rd minute, Wolff passed Sasha Victorine to move into 15th place on the list of the most league minutes played for the Wizards, Wolff finished the game with 8,627 minutes played for KC.

Jack Jewsbury's 110th start for the Wizards ties him wtih Jose Burciaga Jr. for 10th place on that list.

Jewsbury's 170th appearance in all competitions for the Wizards, ties him with Mo Johnston for 8th on the all time list.

In the 78th minute, Jimmy Conrad hit the 15,000 minute mark for KC in league play.

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