Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly Press Conference News

Today was the weekly press conference for the Wizards at their Swope Park training facility. During the press conference, Coach Onalfo talked about the game against New England and the up coming SuperLiga games as well. Coach is planning to use his entire depth in the tournament and the team is definitely taking it seriously. In regards to the rumors of Atlas bringing a youth team, he waived it off saying that that could make the game more dangerous as those youth players will be looking to make an impact and work for first team inclusion.

While he did mention that the Wizards would use their depth, he did say that the team will likely be without a few players. First, midfielder, Davy Arnaud has apparently been called up by the United States for the upcoming Gold Cup. Arnaud's been considered one of the more underrated players in the league. He's been capped twice for the United States in his career and will now get a chance to earn a few more call ups for the US.

Roger Espinoza is also probably going to likely be missing as well, because as mentioned previously, he was on the Honduran preliminary roster for the tournament. With Espinoza's call ups, but not appearances for Honduras in World Cup qualifying, it seems likely that Espinoza will earn the call up and likely get a few matches for Honduras in the tournament.

Also missing for the Wizards, will be Kevin Souter, who Onalfo mentioned has had a sports hernia surgery and will miss some time as that heals up. This is a blow for Souter, who was likely to get plenty of time over the next two weeks, with SuperLiga and Open Cup games coming up.

Jack Jewsbury was the player for this week's press conference, with the Atlas game in St. Louis, where Jewsbury went to school. Jewsbury's first question today came from teammate Kurt Morsink, who asked Jewsbury about his return to St. Louis and the stadium where he played his college career, which was good for a laugh.


WS said...


It's confirmed, Espinoza is being called up for the GC.

Anonymous said...

Mike, when you watched practice did you see the lineup that CO was using; that usually gives us an idea of the starters with Davy gone.

Mike said...

Yes, I'll have the expected lineup, at least for Sunday posted later today in my pregame write up.