Thursday, November 06, 2008

Update to Cuban at Practice

Last week I had posted about the Wizards having one of the recent Cuban defectors out at practice last week, training with the team, and today we have an update on the situation. At the time I had said that the player was either Pedro Faife or Reynier Alcantara, both of whom had defected before the US vs Cuba game in DC in October. Goff is reporting that it was in fact Alcantara at practice with the Wizards. Apparently his representative had received a call from the team, and they lined up a 4 day workout for the Cuban while he was on his way to Los Angeles to talk with an immigration attorney.

This was who I thought the player was after seeing him in person at practice on Thursday last week but had not wanted to say anything at the time. According to wikipedia, Alcantara is a striker who had been playing for FC Pinar del Río in Cuba. He scored 50 goals for the club and reportedly won the leagues MVP award in 2006 and 2007. It looks like he could definitely be a contributor to the Wizards next year if they sign him.

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