Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Site Plans for Bannister

The Wizards have approval for their funding for the Three Trails Development and while we're still waiting for those first true renderings of the stadium to be released. While we wait for those first renderings to be released, we do have some new site plans, that do give an idea of what the stadium will possibly look like.

The preliminary site plans are still up on the Wizards blog Hillcrest Road.
The new site plans are part of a gallery that at the time of this posting are available on the main page of the Wizards website. The plans look fairly similar except for the stadium, which instead of a round look to it, the stadium had a for stand, square look to it. This goes along with a post made by Wizards president, Robb Heineman on bigsoccer.

Here is the rendition of the complex in the new gallery, notice the stadium.
Here is another drawing with another view of the stadium roof on the complex. Remember, though, that these are not renderings, those have not been released publicly yet.

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