Sunday, November 09, 2008

Season Ends with a Whimper

The Wizards season is over, and by some of the play last night, the team came in thinking it was over. They were thoroughly out played by the Columbus Crew in each aspect of the game last night. It was disappointing to the traveling Cauldron of around 100 people that made the trip to Columbus for the match.

It didn't start well for the Wizards, as only 7 minutes into the game, the Crew found themselves up a goal, as Brad Evans got behind the Wizards defense and chipped Kevin Hartman to give the Crew the early lead. The Wizards, though, could have been right back into the game in the 15th, minute when Kevin Souter crossed the ball to Abe Thompson. Instead of slotting the ball first time into the net, Thompson took a touch (either because he thought he had time or the ball got stuck under him) which allowed Columbus goalkeeper, Will Hesmer to pounce on it and kill the Wizards best chance.

In the second half, the Wizards again were victim to a goal inside the first 15 minutes, as Robbie Rogers finished off a play, and the Wizards season. After that goal, Coach Onalfo made an interesting sub, putting on Michael Kraus for Thompson. This was Kraus' first MLS action in the 2 years he's been with the club. The signs were there from Thad's practice report that he might play, but for him to actually make the field was surprising, and is very telling for the future (or lack there of) for Ivan Trujillo in KC as well.

Wizards Man of the Match - Kevin Hartman - Can't really fault him on either one of the goals he gave up, and with no one else standing out for the Wizards last night, he'll get it this time.

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Unknown said...

I fault Hartman almost completely for the first goal. Breakaway or not with a defender in pursuit, Evans was on that ball 5 yards out from the 18. What was Hartman going to save already being at the 18? 1 step off your line for every 1 step he takes into the box on a breakaway like that. He was even at a bad angle if he had to play on the ground to control due to his momentum and Jimmy's pursuit. It was a great (served) ball, great execution on the lob but really a howler as to why it was available in the first place.