Friday, November 07, 2008

Stadium Money Update

The KC Business Journal has broken the news on the Bannister Mall situation today. The Journal is reporting that the Missouri Development Finance Board is set to approve the $30 million for the Three Trails redevelopment. Included in the development is the Wizards soccer specific stadium. The board and Three Trails Redevelopment LLC (with OnGoal LLC) have reached an agreement on the amount of square footage that needed to be developed to avoid the clawback clause. This is what had caused the delays that kept the issue off the agenda back in September. The board meets again on November 20th, where they will look to approve the funding. After the funding is approved, it should pave the way for ground breaking and construction of the stadium.

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Anonymous said...

This is INCREDIBLE! As a Hickman Mills teacher and a lifelong area reasident, I am so happy to finally see some good news coming for our area. Our kids may not realize it yet, as many in the area may not, but this development could be the springboard to a revitalization of this area much like downtown's....