Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tax Credit for Stadium Approved

Great news for all Wizards fans today. Today we are 1 step closer to Hillcrest Road becoming a reality.

Today the Missouri Finance Board has approved the $30 million tax credit for Lane4 and OnGoal for the Three Trails development at the old Bannister Mall site. The news comes from the Wizards Executive Vice President, Greg Cotton on Bigsoccer.

The Star has their article up now on the topic. Randy Covitz is saying that this is the last hurdle the development and quotes Robb Heineman as saying that they hope to start demolition on the site soon.

Thad from The Back Post attended the meeting today in Jefferson City and has a write up up on his site on the meeting. It looks like this is not the last hurdle for the project, but it certainly seemed to be the last really challenging hurdle. According to Thad the last small hurdles do not appear to be a huge concern. It looks like demolition is now set for this coming January.


KEVIN said...

Fantastic news! It's a huge boost for the team and the city at a time with we all need a boost. Can't wait to see the stadium drawings. I hope Kansas Citians who haven't had a chance to see the Wizards will give the team and chance and they'll be hooked.

Anonymous said...

This is really just fantastic news. The atmosphere at the ballpark is so much better than it was at Arrowhead, but the atmosphere could obviously so, so much better if the seats were closer to the field and not separated from the action by first base and much of the infield.