Friday, November 14, 2008

Roster Changes Next Year?

Dallas blog, 3rd Degree has an interesting rumor posted on it's blog today about the status of the reserve league. Rumor is that the reserve league could get the ax by the league due to the travel costs needed to take the entire team to an away game instead of just having to take the game day roster. Along with the axing of the reserve league, the league would also drop the number of roster spots from 28 to 24, eliminating 4 developmental player roster spots in the process.

The thinking on this is that the savings on travel and the $51,600 saved on those 4 roster spots ($12,900 * 4) could be better used raising the salary cap, paying the players on the 18 man roster more, or acquiring higher level talent from abroad. Buzz makes a good case for letting these changes take affect, but I have a feeling doing this will cause players that could become decent players to not make it into the league. But we'll see if this rumor is true or not.

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