Monday, November 17, 2008

End of the Season Interviews

Thad over at The Back Post attended the end of the season press day at the Wizards training complex. Thad was able to get multiple interviews with different players that are posted up on his blog.

He first got an interview with first year professional Chance Myers.

Thad also talked with forward, Michael Kraus, who made his first MLS appearance in the team's final game against Columbus.

Continuing the interviewing, he talked with Michael Harrington about his sophomore season.

His interview with Kevin "Soapy" Souter was divided into two parts for you to listen to here and here.

Thad's final interview was with Captain Kansas City, Jimmy Conrad. This interview was so good, Thad divided it up into 4 parts for you, in two separate posts.

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BJ said...

I'm impressed with the blog. I've linked it over at my American soccer blog that I just started, Check it out and give me some feedback.