Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Lopez Returning to Mexico?

The rumor mill is back up and running again, this time involving the Wizards designated player leaving Kansas City to go back to Mexico to play. The rumor has Lopez leaving the Wizards to go play for Puebla FC in the Mexican first division, where he'd join fellow MLSer, Duilio Davino. According to the article, Lopez is already dealing with the team's sporting director, Gustavo Moscoso. Basically where this rumor comes from, is the fact that Puebla is currently struggling in the Apertura season in Mexico and needs to bring in reinforcements. Lopez is on the list because he was on the Club America team that won the Clausura in 2005 under current Puebla coach Mario Carrillo.

Lopez has done ok here in Kansas City, scoring 7 goals in all competitions while gathering 9 assists, but he hasn't been as good as many in Kansas City would have hoped he was. The way that KC played for portions of the late season without Lopez would give people the opinion that the Wizards can get by without their designated player. While others are saying that we should try to talk him down off the DP level pay scale and keep him. If this rumor is true, it could give Kansas City an out and a way to get a transfer fee from the Mexican club.


Reepicheep said...

He's worth keeping another year, I hope they do. Unless they have a better DP option out there, $700 K isn't bad for him. He can't play too many full games in a row and he has to be paired the right way. Wolff will be injury prone, keeping Claudio makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Is he worth keeping at a DP level though? No I don't think he's shown enough for that.

Reepicheep said...

He led the team in goals/assists. It takes a good part of the season to mesh with a team.

If there's a better DP out there, never mind, but it doesn't seem like there is.

Jose M. Burgos said...

I think they should keep him for another season. He is starting to get used to league and that means he could do better in '09.

P.S: I posted this rumor on my blog and then sent it to MLS Rumors. Next time I hear anything about Lopez, I will let you know ;)

"MLS en espanol-Blog No Oficial".

Mike said...

I saw your article after I'd had this article emailed to me by someone. I'd definitely appreciate any updates you find on Lopez, usually I can't keep up with the Mexican papers and such on rumors.