Monday, November 17, 2008

Three Trails on Agenda

The Three Trails redevelopment at the Bannister Mall site looks like it may finally be moving forward. The plan for the redevelopment of the site is on the agenda for Missouri Development Finance Board meeting this Thursday, November 20th. The redevelopment is the first piece of old business on the agenda for the meeting. If news from the KC Business Journal earlier this month is accurate, then this meeting should see the approval of the funds for the development approved.


Anonymous said...

please. please. please. we've waited long enough.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Please God let it get approved and let it actually happen. We have a hidden jewel in the SKC, Hickman area. And that's okay. Everyone will see it shine agains soon enough. Despite the foreclosures, etc., the one good thing about our area is that the downturn in home sales will keep others from moving out and might just be affordable and attractive enough for people getting priced out of other affluent areas but who do not want to rent or go deep into the city.