Monday, January 05, 2015

Sporting to Announce "Major Playing Signing" Tomorrow

Sporting Kansas City has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to announce a "major player signing." The assumption, fueled by Robb Heineman's tweets from December 29th and last night is that the signing will be announcing the return of former Sporting midfielder, Roger Espinoza to KC.

One of the "worst" kept secrets (if it's really even considered a secret) is that Espinoza is returning to Kansas City. Back in October news started to come out that Espinoza was wanting to return to the United States and to Sporting KC after almost two years at Wigan. Originally when the rumors of Espinoza's potential return started Peter Vermes said the club was interested in the midfielder but only if he was available on a free transfer. With Espinoza being out of contract this coming summer, Vermes didn't think it was worth it for a player he could bring in on a free transfer this summer. Then Vermes basically got his wish as it was announced last week that Wigan would let Espinoza out of his contract with the club. Wigan meanwhile has confirmed Espinoza's exit from the club, six months early on his contract. All this, combined with the fact that Sporting KC still hold Espinoza's MLS rights and it's easy to see tomorrow's announcement as Espinoza's return.

We'll find out for sure tomorrow, but the move will reunite Espinoza with plenty of familiar faces who he won the 2012 US Open Cup with.


Anonymous said...

Of course there has been an announcement on Roger's departure from us. He was a well respected player at Wigan and the fans myself included deserved transparency with his movement in the club.

If you look at the Wigan Athletic website there is a small article that openly states that Roger has been allowed to leave us and return to the U.S. I don't know how much more confirmation from our club you want than that.

Mike said...

Apologies, I swore I didn't see the announcement when I wrote that.

Anonymous said...

I honestly would have preferred to keep Roger though, he is a great player but was under utilised here at Wigan. It was great to meet him after his last game for us and wish him well.

Hopefully he will help elevate Kansas City further as he did with Wigan and win some silverware. The man is full of energy and passion something any team, anywhere could and should utilise to its full extent. Unfortunately with our club currently in free fall after the departure of Roberto we have neglected to use him correctly.

That being said we (Wigan Athletic fans) have a great deal of respect for Roger and if our paths ever cross again (maybe a friendly game) he will get the respect he deserves. Enjoy having back a great player and I hope your manager and the brass of Kansas City use him as he should be used.

Its hard to watch much MLS here in England but I will surely tune in when I get the chance to see your team play.