Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dwyer Hints at a Loan Move

Dom Dwyer was on the Caught Offside Podcast today with Andrew Gundling and JJ Devaney out of New York. Dwyer spent much of the interview talking about his preseason regiment and what he is doing to get ready for the 2015 MLS season. But about five minutes into the interview, Dwyer is asked if he'd thought about or asked about going on loan to England during the MLS offseason. (The interview starts around the 30 minute mark with the loan talk starting around 35 minutes in.)

Dwyer said that this was something that they were working on at this time and that they had the whole of January to figure this out. Dwyer went on to explain that there had been a bit of interest in loan for a couple months. Dwyer made sure to state that he doesn't want to miss much if any of the MLS season.

When pressed further about the possibility of a loan Dwyer said that there were a couple of teams that were trying to get him on loan for two months until the 2015 MLS season starts.

This would be the third straight season that Dwyer would be looking to go on loan to the United Kingdom. Back in 2013 he had a loan to St. Mirren scraped at the last minute by Sporting. Then in 2014 he trained with Charlton Athletic and was ready to go on loan there, but a take over of the club at the time ended up ruling out any loan move for Dwyer. Is the third time going to be the charm for him?

After a 22 goal season in league play and 24 in all competitions it had to be expected that Dwyer would be a hot commodity. It's a big reason why Sporting had worked hard at and succeeded in getting Dwyer to sign a contract extension with the club. The extension at least changed fans worries of a sale into the questions now of a loan. And based off Dwyer's comments it sounds like it's multiple teams that are interested in his service at least on the short term.

For me I'd prefer that Dwyer stay in the US, prepare for the 2015 season and join Sporting on day one of preseason. While I'm sure Dwyer would get some good experience over there (depending on the team), with the number of roster changes that Sporting had from last year to this year I'd rather Dwyer be integrating with the team.

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