Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Roger Espinoza's Return is Official

There was no last minute swerve or surprise announcement in Sporting KC's major player signing today, Roger Espinoza is returning to Kansas City.

After being rumored to return in the press since October, the official move came today, about a week after Wigan officially released Espinoza from his contract with the club six months early. Espinoza returns to the club he started his professional career with back in 2008 and made 113 league appearances and 130 in all competitions over the course of 5 seasons with the club.

Now Espinoza returns to KC and gives Sporting more bite and more range in the box-to-box role in midfield. Paulo Nagamura had done a strong job there over the past two years, but Espinoza gives a level of bite that Nagamura didn't have. Also with Nagamura missing a large chunk of time the last two years, Espinoza has proven a more durable option there over the course of his playing career.

With the Gold Cup this summer, Nagamura will still have time at that position when Espinoza is likely away with the Honduran national team. Espinoza's absence combined with a likely call up for Jorge Claros for the same competition though could leave Kansas City thin in the midfield department in the middle of the season this coming year.

Even with the potential missed time for Kansas City, this is a strong move from the club. As I said, while Nagamura has done well, he hasn't been as durable as is probably needed at this point. So bringing in a player like Espinoza who already knows the league and the system should see his adjustment period be quite small.

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