Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sporting KC Troll the Chiefs and Royals

It may not have been intentional today, but Sporting KC trolled the other two professional sports teams in Kansas City competing right now, the Chiefs and the Royals.  This afternoon, both the Chiefs and the Royals were playing simultaneously, and both teams were being beaten fairly handily.  About the half way point of both of those games, Sporting KC sent out this tweet:

The timing of the tweet couldn't have been more perfect, whether intentionally done then or not.  Both the Chiefs and the Royals are teams that Sporting is trying to compete with for entertainment dollars in the city, and driving home the point that they are successful while the other two are being beaten handily is a nice little bit of marketing.  The tweet brought plenty of comments on Twitter about it being perfectly timed with the way both teams were playing.  The performance of both teams today was reminding people of the poor teams both organizations have put on the field over the past few years.  And while Sporting probably isn't wanting the Chiefs and the Royals to do poorly (at least on social media the 3 teams seem to support the efforts of the others), not trying to take advantage of it with the success that Sporting has lately would be irresponsible.

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