Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flags Policy Change, Warzycha Recalled From Loan

Basically, ever since the US Open Cup final, when Robb Heineman allowed the Emerald City Supporters and the rest of the Seattle Sounders supporters to bring flags in for the game, the team has had Chicago Fire fans wage a "Fear the Flag" campaign to get flags allowed in for all away supporters.  With the Fire set to make one more appearance at Livestrong Sporting Park on Friday the 28th, Section 8 and the rest of the Fire fans were really pushing to get their flags allowed in for the game.

After a lot of comments directed at Robb Heineman on Twitter, and conversations with the Cauldron leadership, Heineman and Sporting KC changed their policy regarding flags.  Per the announcement by the team today on the blog though, not only will the flags be available to away supporters, but ALL fans will now be allowed to have flags, provided that they meet a few conditions put forward by the team. The new policy goes even further than the Chicago Fire's policy which does not allow flags outside the home and away supporters' groups (a fact that Sporting makes sure to point out in their announcement on their blog today). 

As long as this announcement is properly relayed to security throughout the stadium, this is a good move.  I know that the South Stand is already planning to make use of this new rule themselves by getting poles for their own flags that they have.  So if all of the security people get the message and don't cause problems for fans throughout the stadium that bring in flags, this will be a very good thing for the team and for the atmosphere at Livestrong Sporting Park.

Warzycha recalled from loan

Konrad Warzycha was back from his loan with the Carolina Railhawks for yesterday's reserve game against Real Salt Lake.  This was originally part of the loan deal so that Warzycha could play in Kansas City's last two reserve games. But now Warzycha will not be returning to Carolina.  Warzycha appeared in the final 18 minutes of Carolina's last game playing at right back.  And with Carolina clinching a playoff spot, Peter Vermes has recalled the center back. 

You do have to wonder if the reason for Warzycha's return is that he has played 18 minutes in the few games he's been available and those 18 minutes were spent at right back.  Maybe Vermes was disappointed with the amount of playing time and where Warzycha was playing.

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