Tuesday, September 18, 2012

US Qualifier Right Around the Corner

We're less than a month away from what could be a win or go home game for the US men's national team at Livestrong Sporting Park against Guatemala.  With the results against Jamaica during this last set of qualifiers, the US find themselves tied with Jamaica and Guatemala for first place in the group on 7 points.  KC's first game of the upcoming qualifiers is in Antigua against Antigua and Barbuda.  Antigua's qualifying hopes are barely alive at this point and the US can eliminate them with a win or a draw.  While that game is going on, Jamaica and Guatemala will play.  No matter the result in those two games, the US game will mean a lot when it comes to qualifying.  There are a number of scenarios for the way the games could play out, but the simplest thing for the US is to win both games.  If the US doesn't, there are ways that could see the US not get through though, but I don't see that as a likely situation.

Ahead of the qualifier, there is going to be a public training session available for fans to attend on Sunday October 14th out at Livestrong Sporting Park.  The event in Columbus ahead of the Jamaica game was quite well attended and while it was a light workout for the US, looked like fun.  The other thing to keep an eye on is the American Outlaws plans for the game.  Not only the pre-night party at Johnny's Tavern, but the festivities the day of. 

The one interesting thing about the plans is the news that due to the NASCAR race the weekend after the game, it appears that the parking lots where most Sporting fans park will not be available for use for the game.  It'll be a fun day, and could be quite stressful as well, but Columbus Crew Stadium raised the bar against Jamaica, now it's Livestrong's turn to show off.  Checking Ticketmaster tonight I wasn't even able to find any tickets for sale.  Although there are some on secondary sites at this time.

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