Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tickets for the Open Cup

It's been about 24 hours since Sporting KC clinched their spot in the US Open Cup final this year.  And this morning tickets went on sale for Sporting KC season ticket holders for the game at 10am.  By noon, only 2 hours after tickets had gone on sale, Robb Heineman announced on Twitter that 8,186 tickets had been sold for the game already.  That was only 300 less than the announced attendance for yesterday's semifinal in Philadelphia at PPL Park.  That is also only 703 less than came to the 2004 US Open Cup final when KC drew 8,819 against the Chicago Fire.  That's only through KC's current season ticket base buying their seats.  Starting Monday, season ticket holders will be able to purchase extra tickets starting at 10am.  Tuesday at 10am the remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public.

For the visiting team in the finals, the Seattle Sounders, they were originally allocated 100 tickets like most visiting teams to Livestrong Sporting Park.  That amount was expand to 220 fairly quickly.  From a quick check of the Emerald City Supporters website, there are only 90 left in their allocation.  At this time there is no word on whether that amount will be expanded, but I'd expect Seattle fans to buy some tickets once they go on sale to the general public on Tuesday.  Rumors on Twitter today were that the Sounders were trying to get 1,000 tickets allocated for the finals.  Personally I can't really see Seattle getting 1,000 tickets at Livestrong, even if it is for a cup final.  Mainly because of the fact that with the number of season ticket holders KC has and where they're located, unless Sporting moves some of their existing season ticket holders, annoying and potentially pissing off some of the people that regularly put money into the team, there isn't really a way to put 1,000 away supporters in one location. 

Both sides have come up with the same idea to try to get more of their fans in.  Some KC fans have suggested buying up the rest of the Seattle allocation and donating them.  On the other side, ESC members are saying they should buy up the general ticket allocation to "show KC how real fans support their team away!"  Both sound like overly ambitious plans.  Either way, just under a month away, this will be a very well attended game and should be a big party as Seattle chances a historic 4th straight USOC title, while KC looks for their first trophy since 2004.

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Sporting Tulsan said...

I'm going to be camped out at my computer Tuesday morning! Wouldn't miss this one for the world!!!