Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rosell Signing and Espinoza/Honduras Warm Up

The rumors have been around for a little while now that former Barcelona B defender, Oriol Rosell was signing with Sporting Kansas City.  He'd trialed with the team earlier this year, then was released from his contract with Barca B with a deal in MLS being on the table.  That led to the news in Spain that Sporting was the MLS target.  Today, things got cleared up it would seem.  First, Rosell himself posted on Twitter that he'd signed with Sporting Kansas City.  A little bit later in the day, Robb Heineman posted that Rosell had been signed by Kansas City. Coming from the president of the club, no reason to not believe that Rosell is signed and on the way soon.  KC's beat writer for the Star, Tod Palmer though says the deal IS in place, but not finalized yet.  I don't doubt that both Heineman and Palmer is write.  Rosell has probably signed his deal with Sporting KC, but everything probably has to be finalized completely with the league at this point.  Once that's complete, then KC will "officially" announce the deal.

Espinoza and Honduras win warm up

After playing for Kansas City in Columbus, Roger Espinoza took off for Europe to join the Honduran national team.  Today Honduras played Egypt in a friendly in France ahead of the Olympics in London.  Honduras topped the Egyptians 1-0 thanks to a goal from Maynor Figueroa off a free kick.  Espinoza started and played 90 minutes for Honduras in their warm up match.

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