Friday, July 06, 2012

Sporting to Host USOC Final if They Beat Philadelphia

Sporting KC is 180 minutes away from a trophy, their first since 2004.  Should they get by Philadelphia on Wednesday the 11th and be 90 minutes away, those 90 minutes, potential extra time, and penalty kicks, will take place in Kansas City.  Today, US Soccer announced the potential finalist hosts for the US Open Cup final.  Should KC beat Philadelphia at PPL park next Wednesday, no matter who wins the other semifinal between Seattle and Chivas, Livestrong Sporting Park will host the US Open Cup final.
KC's bid topped that of both Seattle and Chivas to win the right to host the final.  Should Seattle win, KC would host the Sounders at a time TBD on the 8th.  Should Chivas pull off the upset, KC the date has not been decided, it would be the 7th or the 8th.  Seattle will host Philadelphia should they win, and the Union would host Chivas if they both win.
I'm a little surprised that KC's bid did win the right to host the final.  I fully expected Seattle's bid to top KC's, but according to Seattle's GM, the bids were equal, and KC won out on a coin toss.  Which would fit well with the bias that Sigi Schmid spoke about earlier this year when KC was "winning" their coin flips while Seattle lost a few of theirs.  I put "winning" in quotes because I still am not sure the entire system is on the up and up when it comes to transparency.  But I do find Seattle's coach and GM complaining more loudly this year now that things are not going their way as much just a little bit humorous.  But I do agree with their main point of reform for the cup.  I just think it sounds more hallow when things have gone their way for so long.  Especially when they are doing it louder than in years when they've won the bids to host the games
Again all this is pointless for Sporting KC if they fail to defeat Philadelphia on the 11th at PPL Park.  The same place where only a few weeks ago Sporting was thoroughly beaten 4-0 by the Union.  That's not going to be an easy task for KC to do.  The Union have been playing extremely well since they got rid of Peter Nowak and will be hard to beat at home, especially with KC's busy schedule.  Good thing for KC Philadelphia has been just as busy the past few days.  Turning around their poor form lately is going to be the first key in getting the Open Cup in KC.  Beat Philadelphia, then we can worry about the fact that KC has yet to beat the Sounders MLS team in KC.

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