Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rosell Released by Barcelona B, KC Next Stop?

Today in Spain, word came out that Barcelona B player, Oriol Rosell, has requested and received his release from his contract with the club.  Some of the articles have mentioned that Rosell has offers from other clubs, including MLS.  Sporting KC would seem a favorite for Rosell, mainly because of the fact that earlier this summer, Rosell trialed with Sporting KC along with Johan Ramirez Neesken.  The fact that Rosell was here on trial would lead people (myself included) that Kansas City could be the location for Rosell should he choose to come to KC. 

It is a little questionable in the fact that KC just signed center back/left back Neven Markovic, but with Rosell being only 20 he is a guy that could develop for the future.

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