Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Montpellier Instead of PSG?

Since Goal.com posted that Paris Saint-Germain would be playing Sporting KC in a friendly on their summer tour, there's been little other word about KC playing PSG.  In fact, the lack of announcement, with the rest of the Herbalife World Football Challenge being announced had me wondering if KC would actually play Paris Saint-Germain. 

Today while discussing the friendly on the Cauldron Facebook page, someone posted a link to the Ticket Master page for Sporting KC tickets.  On the page it didn't list PSG, instead it listed 2011-2012 Ligue 1 champions, Montpellier on Tuesday July 24th at Livestrong Sporting Park..  That came as a bit of a surprise, although they will be in the USA already because of the fact that the Trophee des Champions will be contested this year in the United States at Red Bull Arena.  As the champions of Ligue 1, Montpellier will take on the French Cup champion, Lyon.  The Trophee des Champions occurs four days after the date that KC is supposedly scheduled to take on Montpellier. 

Honestly either one of Montpellier or PSG would be a great friendly.  It's a club that is different than KC would normally get, and as the champion or runner up of the French League, I'd like to see them play over Stoke City.

The Ticket Master site has been updated, but not before I'd gotten a screen shot on my phone.  You can see it below.  See at the very bottom of that list.  Funny enough it lists TBA on the August 1st date which we know is the day KC play Stoke.

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