Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Friendly for Sporting KC?

A few weeks ago, Sporting KC announced the friendly against Stoke City on August 1st at Livestrong Sporting Park.  Today, it appears that there's another friendly coming to KC.  Word on is that before the Stoke City game, KC will play another friendly against French side, Paris Saint-Germain.  PSG finished second in Ligue 1 this year, 3 points behind Montpellier. 

According to the article, KC would take on PSG on July 26th, two days before KC takes on Columbus at LSP.  The game would be PSG's second of 3 on their tour, as they take on Chelsea at Yankee Stadium on the 22nd.  And on the 31st they are in Montreal to take on Juventus.


hartley said...

I think the friendlies are great, but they are too close to league games. So, we are left playing the backups, the reserves, in such matches.

I would much prefer these games spread out better so we could at least see our starters for a half.

I must add, it is nice to see a French side coming to the States. Ligue 1 is an enjoyable league to watch.

Drew said...

PSG is striving to be one of the biggest sides in the world, if SKC fans have no clue about them. Last year they spent the most money of any club in the world, spending over $100million. Fun enough, they finished second behind Montpellier who spend around $4million. The friendlies are, however, too close to the end of the season. Could cause a lot of fatigue going into the homestretch.