Friday, June 29, 2012

Gaddis Suspended for Espinoza Tackle

It's never good to dwell on the past, especially when it's the past that involved a 4-0 loss on the road.  But you have to wonder how the game this past weekend in Philadelphia could have ended up if things had been a little different.

That little difference?  A red card to Raymon Gaddis in the 24th minute.  Yesterday, the MLS Disciplinary Committee came out and handed the Philadelphia back a 1 game suspension and a fine for his tackle on Roger Espinoza.  With the game only 1-0 at that time, a red card would have completely changed the momentum of the game.  With KC up a man that would have created more chances, had more possession.  They might not have won the game, but the tone certainly would have been different after that incident. 

That would have also been the second red card in 2 games for a tackle on Espinoza.  The previous Wednesday in Seattle, Alvaro Fernandez picked up a red card for another tackle on Espinoza.  Speaking of Fernandez I'm surprised that there's been no word from the disciplinary committee on that tackle, I thought he would have gotten 1-2 more games for that tackle.  But I guess an announcement could come today.

Here's the play with Gaddis.


MOUF said...

Terry Vaughn had umpires view at it and still couldnt get it right.

Fernandez has to get mulitple games right? It wasnt even a "soccer play" and was in retaliation. Thats basically assault, brotha

hartley said...

Terry Vaughn is tremendously inconsistent and almost always favors one team. And it doesn't seem to matter which team is the home team. Basically, he is blind and shouldn't be a center ref unless he can be unbiased and call the game by the rules.