Monday, June 18, 2012

Dos Santos, Kamara, Kronberg, and Kempin

Some new for you this evening regarding Sporting Kansas City.

First for those that have lived under a rock for the last 24 hours or so, last night on Off the Pitch, Callum Williams interviewed Peter Vermes.  And in the interview, Vermes stated that Kansas City had been trying to get Mexican international, Giovanni Dos Santos to play Sporting.  Unfortunately according to Vermes, a number of issues seemed to come up, including the transfer fee.

Honestly this seems fairly unlikely that it would have actually taken place.  While it's an ambitious attempt to get a designated player for Kansas City, dos Santos would have been a very good player for KC and the league.  Dos Santos' club, Spurs though look intent on getting their initial investment of $7.2 million back for their purchase of the Mexican from Barcelona.  KC's attempts to get him do match up with reports that came out shortly after the January window about MLS being interested in dos Santos.  The other big issue for Vermes in this attempt was the fact that dos Santos isn't interested in coming to MLS per his agent.  So while it's fun to dream about an international in his prime coming to KC it's not going to be dos Santos.

Kamara Returns

Kei Kamara has returned to join Sporting.  Earlier today on Twitter before the rest of the team made it to Seattle, Kamara landed in the Pacific Northwest ahead of Wednesday's game against the Sounders.  It'll be interesting to see how much time that Kamara gets on Wednesday.  He'll certainly be a little jet lagged from the trip half way around the world.  But I'd expect him to at least make a substitute appearance.

Kronberg Returning, Kempin Out

KC is getting one keeper back, but is losing another one.  Word tonight is that Eric Kronberg has traveled to Seattle with the team for the first time this season.  Kronberg has been on IR with a lower back strain for the entire season so far. 

Kronberg traveling for the first time this season means that Jon Kempin, KC's first home grown player did not travel on this road trip.  The reason for that became clear earlier tonight on Twitter when Kempin posted on Twitter, "Looks like I'll be wearing this one for a while" and it was accompanied by a photo of his right leg in a walking boot.  So while Kronberg may be back from his injury issue, it appears that KC will remain with 2 keepers as Kempin looks set to go on IR himself.  It comes at a bad time as I would have expected Kempin or Kronberg to start KC's Open Cup game next Tuesday vs Dayton.


Anonymous said...

Mike, You don't really think Vermes would have sat Captain Jimmy for the quarterfinals do you? We are a mere 270 minutes from silverware and a spot in the CCL! No, I'm betting we see the full first team against Dayton...well as many as are healthy!

Nyk Edinger said...

Why is Scott Vermillion not considered a "home grown" player?

Rob Swenson said...

I agree with Anonymous that Nielsen will start for the remainder of the open cup games. I expect that Vermes will field as many starters as possible and then sub on others if we get a cushion of goals.

Mike said...

Anon. I don't think Jimmy starts because we'll have already played on Saturday and play again on Friday against Chicago. It has more to do with fixture congestion. That and Kronberg started last year in the quarters. Jimmy started vs Colorado because we didn't have a league game and kept in fresh.

Nyk, it was before there was a homegrown player initiative in MLS. That only came about in the last few years. Kempin was our first player signed under the homegrown player rule that MLS has. Another reason is that Vermillion was actually signed by the league as part of Project 40 and then allocated out to KC, similar to how we got Francisco Gomez.

Anonymous said...

Dear confused new fans: MLS clubs don't really care that much about the US Open Cup and no one ever plays their 1st string keeper. If we do play Nielsen, it will be because Kronberg is not 100%. Frankly, until recently no one really cared about CONCACAF champions league either.

Dan said...

Dear Anon, I suggest you take a look at the lineup that KC (and Colorado) put out against last round. Tell me if those are starting keepers...