Friday, June 15, 2012

Montpellier Friendly Official

After days where the friendly between Sporting KC and French Ligue 1 champions Montpellier appeared on both Ticket Master and the schedule on the Sporting KC website, the team officially announced the friendly.  On July 24th, Sporting KC will play the French champs at Livestrong Sporting Park at 7:30.  Season ticket holders will have a season ticket for this game already, Special Game C.

The Tuesday night game falls between two league games, both of which, are at LSP as well.  KC will play New England the Saturday before and play Columbus the Saturday after.  That game is also 1 day before the MLS All Stars take on Chelsea in Philadelphia.  So KC players (not all in all 4) could be playing quite a bit that week.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
The MLS AllStar game is on Wednesday, July 25th.

Mike said...

Crap, was going off memory and confused the Allstar game with the rumored PSG game.