Friday, August 26, 2011

Chance to Create a Gap

Sporting Kansas City has a chance to create some space between themselves and having to play a play in game for the playoffs. With teams 4 through 6 (Philadelphia, New York, and DC) all being off this weekend now due to Hurricane Irene (hope all my East Coast friends are OK) it's a chance for KC to get themselves further away from the chasing pack trying to get into one of the three automatic playoff spots. KC could move 5 points clear of Philadelphia and 8 points clear of 6th place DC. A big opportunity to put pressure on those three teams to win the games in hand that they'd have following this game. While it's nice to have games in hand, in the long run it's better to have the points already in hand.

Tomorrow KC play Dallas in what at one time was called the Urology Cup (Burn-Wiz, get it?). Dallas come into Kansas City on short rest, the 3rd straight team to do it. Dallas had to play a game and a half over the course of Wednesday and Thursday as their CONCACAF Champion's League game against Toronto was canceled after a half on Wednesday and had to be made up in full on Thursday. With another game on Tuesday in the US Open Cup, Dallas could possibly look to focus on their non-league schedule during this stretch, giving KC better chance for a win for KC. It'll be Kevin Hartman's first game back in KC after being traded before last season since he missed last year's game due to injury.

This could be a big trap game for KC. Last time these two teams played, the roles were reversed with Dallas on the hot streak and KC coming into town on the hot streak. That result didn't turn out too well for Dallas as KC rolled to a 4-1 win without Omar Bravo and with Kei Kamara making a late substitute appearance. Hopefully with the roles reversed KC can get the job done this time around. There are still questions about a few of KC's players, Aurelien Collin could be back in the team for the game for the first time since his back injury, but the team's second designated player, Jeferson is still listed as questionable and may not play again this week.

Myers - Cesar - Besler - Sinovic
Zusi - Espinoza - Bravo
Kamara - Bunbury - Sapong

Number to Remember - 3 - Three straight teams have come into KC with less than 3 days rest. KC defeated both Portland and DC on short rest, they'll try to complete the effort by taking out Dallas tomorrow.

Key Match Up - KC offense vs Kevin Hartman - Hartman gets to return to KC for the first time since leaving the Wizards and while he got the first game chip off his shoulder last year, he's likely to want to impress in his first game back in KC. The KC offense has been doing well lately, much better offensively than they have previously.

PREDICTION - KC should win this game, the lack of rest for Dallas is going to be rough on them, especially with another game on Tuesday. Even if Dallas puts out their best 11 again KC should be able to pressure them early and eventually they'll wear out. But as I said earlier, this is a trap game, it's a game that KC's expected to win against a good opponent who just happens to be in a congested part of their schedule. Still KC should be able to win this one.

SKC - 2 (Kamara, Bravo)
FCD - 0

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hartley said...

I agree with your prediction. And with your lineup. But I do wish they would put CJ in the middle instead of Teal. CJ holds the ball better and can lay off passes to Kamara, Bunbury, Bravo or the other midfielders coming forward. Teal does better when he can run onto the ball.

All in all, this is another big game and could prove to be a nail biter like last week's match against DC.