Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Truth About MLS Cup 2004 Comes Out

Yesterday as a bit of a joke on retiring former Kansas City Wizards defender, Jimmy Conrad, there was a roast done on Twitter using the hash tag, #JimmyConradRoast. Plenty of people got in on the roasting, including current and former players like Kei Kamara and Alecko Eskandarian (see some of the highlights here). One of Eskandarian's comments referred back to the 2004 MLS Cup final between KC and Eskandarian's team at the time, DC United. Plenty was made of Eskandarian's second goal as it certainly seemed that the ball played off Eskandarian's arm, allowing him to control the ball and take it past Conrad. No call was made by Michael Kennedy the referee, but Conrad and KC fans would continue to claim for years that Eskandarian's goal should not have counted. During the roast, Eskandarian finally "came clean" saying that it was indeed a handball on his second goal.

It doesn't change the game, or the result, in fact for me it just opens the wound up again. But with a game coming up tomorrow against DC United, watching the highlights certainly gets the blood flowing.

Seven years on from that game, only Davy Arnaud remains playing for the same team, although two players, Ben Olsen and Kerry Zavagnin have moved to coaching positions within their respective clubs.

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Pay per head said...

wow that is so shocking, I never thought that this could be the truth about the MLS Cup 2004, but I am glad it finally came out