Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DP Rule Change

Today MLS announced a change to the designated player rule for the next season. The new rule is designed to try to get MLS teams to go after younger designated players. To do this, the league has made the cap hit for younger designated players lower. Players that are 20 or younger will now only take a cap hit of $150,000. Players between 21 and 23 will count only $200,000 against the cap for their team. All other DPs will continue to have the $335,000 cap hit. Certainly gives the incentive for teams to go after younger DPs, that may not bring in the fans due to name recognition, but could raise the talent level for the league. Will be interesting to see if KC goes the route of finding a young designated player next year, in place of or to supplement the two current DPs, Omar Bravo and Jeferson.

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