Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Another Busy Week

photo courtesy of Jarred Donalson

Kansas City continues another busy week tomorrow when they'll take on Real Salt Lake in another home game at LIVESTRONG Sporting Park. The game is between weekend games against New England and Seattle. Real Salt Lake comes into town on the back of a disappointing 2-0 loss at home to Columbus, giving up two early goals, a disease that KC has suffered from as well. Salt Lake is suffering from some injury issues with Ned Grabavoy joining the list recently. RSL will have designated player, Alvaro Saborio back in the lineup after sitting out a game for his dive to earn a PK in RSL's win over San Jose.

With two lower ranked teams in the league having gone through KC and only getting 4 points, KC is now getting into a meatier part of their schedule with RSL and then Seattle on the weekend. With not playing the full 90 minutes on the weekend I would think that Omar Bravo finds himself back in the starting lineup. With the heat that has been around since before last weekend's game and will continue through the weekend game against Seattle, we could see some lineup changes either this game or on the weekend. The other big question is if Daneil Cyrus will get another chance at central defense. He's been responsible at least in part in both goals that KC have given up when he's been on the field. We could see Julio Cesar make his return to center back. I still think that is the one spot KC could really afford to add depth right now.

Myers - Cesar- Besler - Sinovic
Jeferson - Espinoza - Zusi
Kamara - Sapong - Bravo

Number to Remember - 3 - KC is winless in their last 3 games against RSL, a draw and two losses since they handed RSL a 2-0 loss at Riot Tinto (the last time they lost at home in league play until earlier this season).

Key Match up - Jeferson vs Kyle Beckerman - It'll be Beckerman's responsibility to shut down the Brazilian DP tomorrow night. Jeferson had a very active first game against TFC, but was less involved in the game against New England, hopefully he can step up and contribute tomorrow night cause KC is likely to need it.

PREDICTION - While today was the hottest it's been since the year the original Transformers cartoon debuted on American television, tomorrow isn't exactly going to be much cooler. It's going to be a rough game for both teams out on the field and it'll certainly sap the energy out of both teams. An early will be key, but KC is also going to have to be mindful of a potential let down late in the game in the heat. I think whichever team scores first will have a huge advantage tomorrow, and both sides lately have shown an ability to give up the first goal. Normally I would give the advantage to RSL, but I think the heat will play a huge factor tomorrow.

SKC - 1 (Bunbury)
RSL - 0


Anonymous said...

so supersub teal notches the winner? a once in a sporting blue moon moment? better rethink bud.

Dan said...

You know sometimes I wish Mike would stop allowing anonymous posters.

Any time I see them they seem be coming from total idiots that are hiding their identity so they don't get called on being total idiots.

hartley said...

Actually, I wish Mike would stop allowing rude posters. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion — whether right or wrong. Dan.

I could see Teal starting. But I think it would be better to keep him as a sub at this point. CJ starts better than most of the team and almost gave us an early goal last game. I know, almost doesn't count but CJ's effort is there the whole game.

Let's keep Teal hungry to get on the field and make something happen. But he should come on earlier than minute 80.

I like Mike's lineup except for Cesar. Sorry guys, I'm just not going to like him on the field. His defending is okay, but Roger's is better. And Cesar keeps giving the ball away and then just standing there. When Roger loses the ball, he hustles to get it back and does many time. Roger is playing like a dmid and should be the one [think Pablo M.].

If Cyrus can't do the job, then I think we try putting Shavar in to see how he can do. If he can't get the job donw, then maybe we go to 3-4-3, sitting Roger and Diop deep to help defend while pushing Jeferson and Zusi forward to attack.

I could really see this game going either way. Like so many are saying, first team to score probably wins.