Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pascarella Suspended

Most Sporting KC fans thought, and felt that Wizards coach, Peter Vermes would get a fine and or suspension for his comments after the game against Seattle where he said:

"We have been under this so many times this season — red cards or non-calls on penalty kicks — at some point, it has to change. As much as players are responsible and coaches are responsible when things don't go well — they either don’t play or get released — the referees seem to keep coming back.

"But bad performances should not constitute the opportunity to come back on the field and referee a professional game. If you're not good, you're not, and you shouldn't be out there. You need to go back down somewhere else, just like we do with players sometimes when we send them off to a lower division."

But it looks like Vermes' comments may have been just vague enough to avoid a fine/suspension for scrutinizing Jair Marrufo. Sporting KC goalkeeper coach, John Pascarella, was not so lucky though. For his actions and comments after KC's 2-1 loss to Seattle a week and a half ago, Pascarella was handed a 3 game suspension. Pascarella will not be on the sidelines for the next 3 home games against Portland, DC, and Dallas. Having seen Pascarella in practice, he's certainly not a guy that is going to hold back his opinions.


Rk said...

Can't find his comments or reactions..I know you have more access to behind the scenes than my blog/site. Can you tell me what he said? I'd love to know...I still am not over the seattle game and have been in hawaii since then and have been out of the loop.

Mike said...

They were said on the field post game, I don't remember his visual reactions from the game unfortunately.