Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bunbury, Thomas, Kamara, and Espinoza National Team News

Lots of international team news was announced today, and 4 Sporting KC players were affected. First, Kei Kamara's call up for the Sierra Leone national team was confirmed by the team today, although I think Kamara tweeting last night that he'd been called up was proof enough that he'd been called up for their African Cup of Nations qualifier against Egypt at home.

In other news, and probably the most surprising of KC's call ups, was the news that Teal Bunbury has been called up for the US national team. Bunbury returns to the national team for the first time since Camp Cupcake this past January. A little surprising in the call up as Bunbury's form hasn't been extremely good. But it has improved since earlier this year. The US play Costa Rica in LA on Friday the 2nd before heading to Belgium to take on the Belgians on the 6th. Combine his absence with Kamara's and KC's front line is going to take a hit for the LA game next weekend.

Shavar Thomas has also received another call up for Jamaica. The Reggae Boyz have a friendly in Quito, Ecuador on September 2nd. It'll be another opportunity for Thomas to captain his country. Thomas could possibly be back in town for the game against LA, but may not be needed depending on the health of Aurelien Collin and his ability to play.

Finally, word from the team today is that while the forward line will suffer against LA, the midfield is just a little better. Roger Espinoza will not be leaving to join the Honduran team for their friendlies against Colombia and Paraguay and will instead be available for selection against the Galaxy. That's a big boost to the midfield, especially since Collin is unlikely to be 90 minutes fit yet, and that leaves KC a little short in the d-mid position.


Nathan Martin said...

Curious to see if Klinsmann can sharpen Teal's form.

hartley said...

You have to wonder when players like CJ, Besler, Sinovic, Myers will get a call. All of those guys have played quite well this season. I suppose if they keep up the work the rest of this season and start showing the same next, they might then get a chance.

Glad to hear Roger is staying here. That way we don't have to rush Collin back in defense and can play Cesar in the back line if necessary. If Collin is good to go, then Cesar makes a great sub for when Jeferson or Collin might need to come off.

And we could possibly play Arnaud in the right forward slot.