Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wizards New Signing?

Has Robb Heineman given us the name of the Wizards new signing? Heineman posted a youtube video of a Nike commercial starting Argentine midfielder, Santiago Hirsig on bigsoccer this morning. Hirsig is a 31 year old midfielder who last played for San Lorenzo in the Argentine top flight. He hadn't been getting a lot of starts, but had been making regular substitute appearances, including appearing in both of the Apertura "playoff" games that San Lorenzo was involved in this past December. He's definitely not a goal scorer as it appears he's only scored 17 career goals, but I'm cautiously optimistic if the Hirsig move goes through.

Thanks to some quick leg work by AG over at the KC Soccer Review, it would appear that Hirsig was recently released from his contract at San Lorenzo, for what would appear to be a disagreement with the club over being paid. It would also appear that Hirsig was very close to signing with Barcelona SC of Ecuador, but for some reason did not. Hopefully we'll hear an official word soon.

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