Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bannister Demolition Continues

Seems like quite a few people made it out to Bannister Mall today to get an update on the demolition of the mall, myself included. I was able to stop by today and get a few pictures while running between errands today. Thad over at the Back Post was actually able to go inside the mall after contacting the Wizards about it. Also, Capt. Spaulding's World, another local blog, checked in with more pictures of the mall. They are certainly working hard, as they clear away the building.


Expantion 2011 said...

hey guys will you guys be doing weekly updates on the stadium site? and when is the stadium constrcuction start?

Mike said...

Yes I'll be trying to do weekly updates of what the site looks like and every thing. There is no exact time table for when the actual stadium construction will start.

Expantion 2011 said...

thank you very much!!!!